Sunday, September 11, 2011

My fitness journey | How it all started

Some of you may know that I have been extremely motivated in 2011 to become healthy and get in shape. Exercising and eating right with the goal of losing weight has been a major focus for me since January. I have been very focused and successful with my efforts and I want to tell you a little about how this all started and what has happened lately. 

In December of 2010 I finally decided that I was tired of gaining weight and my clothes fitting tight. I knew I needed to do something different than I had in the past. Making sure I enjoyed whatever I decided was a key factor since I knew without the enjoyment I wouldn't stick with it. I saw an infomercial on TV about TurboFire. I was one of those that got caught up in all the success stories and loved the energy that the workouts portrayed. I checked it out online and found out that the company that sells TurboFire also sells P90X and Insanity. However, I wasn't sure if I would really be motivated enough to workout at home by myself. Turbo Jam was a previous program created by the trainer Chalene Johnson and since it was a little older it was also a little less expensive. With the money back guarantee I decided that I didn't have much to lose, so I bought Turbo Jam. 

I was hooked on the workouts super fast! Chalene's energy is addictive and she always says the right things during the workout to keep you moving and pushing yourself. I did a month of Turbo Jam and knew that TurboFire was going to be even better. My TurboFire journey started in February and I haven't looked back. The program is amazing!!! The main focus is on cardio workouts with some strength training mixed in. You get a schedule to follow with about 15 different workouts along with an eating plan and workout gear. So all of you who may use the excuse that workouts at home are boring and repetitive can't use that excuse anymore. I completed 140 days of TurboFire before moving onto my current program.

ChaLEAN Extreme is another program by Chalene Johnson that focuses on strength training. I am more than half way through the 120 day schedule that comes with this program. Muscle burns fat and Chalene says that many times during the workouts as a reminder. I am a true believer in this program too. 

Beachbody offers many different programs and I know there is something out there for everyone. If you are interested in workout programs at home, or even if you just want to join the online community that offers unlimited support and motivation please let me know and check out the link below. Teambeachbody offers a FREE membership where you can keep track of your workouts, goals, and check out the message boards for all of your fitness questions. You have nothing to lose! Once you decide that you want to exercise and get back on a healthier lifestyle you will feel incredible. I know I do!



Kathryn Thursday, November 03, 2011  

Alright Amber get me started! You know I have baby weight I want to lose!!!

meghan silva Tuesday, March 05, 2013  

Taking care of your physical health is extremely important , love this post .

xo Meg<3

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